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Darna Bagalil

On the Galilee mountains in a small village stands Darna-Bagalil - An ecological farm with two luxury suites for couples only.

The suites are made for those who seek for romance, privacy, harmony, breath taking view and   aesthetic. 
A place to take a moment for tranquility & respite ….
Each suite was designed with great love - luxurious round Jacuzzi surrounded by windows, 
a fully equipped kitchenette and coffee maker, a surround Movie Player, free wi-fi.


Breakfast combines flavors and aromas of  the Galilee…

From Each suite leads a private path to a natural stone pool.
"Every thing we make & grow in our little farm is being made with great respect and love to nature.

We grow our own vegetables & fruits, we have a small chicken coop and we enjoy fresh eggs, we recycle water & produce Electricity."

                            Darna Bagalil - the perfect place for a romantic holiday in Galilee

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